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McKenzie Town Mudroom

Room of the Day: A Canadian Mudroom With Coastal Charm
This beach-inspired mudroom makes dark Calgary winters a little bit brighter
By: Bryan Anthony, Houzz Editorial Staff

In Calgary, Canada, the summer months are short and highly cherished. So beyond adding more storage and functionality, the goal of this mudroom renovation was to create a beach-inspired look that would remind the homeowners of warmer days all year long. This stylish space opens to the backyard pool and serves as a changing room during summer and a place to remove seasonal gear the rest of the year.

“Make it feel like a beach house” was the main request from the homeowners, says interior designer Sylvia Daoust. To create some coastal chic charm, Daoust covered the back wall in planks of reclaimed lumber that she whitewashed by hand.

The homeowners have lived in the house for three years and have slowly renovated room by room. The mudroom, which had been used mainly as a storage space, was the final room to be transformed.

“In Calgary, the weather often changes from day to day, so you need many different types of coats, hats, gloves and rain gear,” Daoust says. “Having enough storage for everything was a top priority.”

The upholstered bench is a natural spot for changing shoes, but it’s also a great place to just relax. “The homeowners like to hang out in this room with a cup of coffee and look out to the backyard,” Daoust says. “The space gets great light, so it provides a pick-me-up all year long.”

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